Martial arts weapons disclaimer:


Martial Arts Weapons are used for ceremonial, decorative, collective & demonstration purposes. Metal & wooden weapons are not designed for actual combat use. They should not be used for sparring or contact purposes.

Weapons used for training purposes &/or for the demonstration of forms should be used responsibly & only under expert supervision, (by an adult who is trained in their use).

The user should inspect the weapon(s) before each use, to ensure they are in proper condition & without faults. If found faulty, the user should responsibly destroy the weapon(s) in question.

Weapons training requires appropriate safety equipment, including head, face, eye & mouth protection. Other guards suitable for the weapon(s) & techniques being practiced should also be worn.

The user should respect the weapon(s) they are training with & conduct their training in a safe environment, to further avoid injury to themselves & others.

Mates Rates Sporting recommends that instructors limit children & beginners to the use of foam rubber or foam covered practice weapons &/or wooden blades.

Certain weapons will not be sold to anyone under 18 years of age, including all sharpened weapons. Parental permission is not sufficient to order & purchase these weapons. Proof of age is required upon purchase.

It is your responsibility before making a purchase to research & follow your local, state & federal laws regarding weaponry. Some weapons may be illegal in the user’s area.

Mates Rates Sporting is not responsible for improper or illegal use, nor for the modification of its weapons.

If an application is made to purchase a weapon, then it is assumed that you fully understand this disclaimer